Customer Support

Headquarters - Chicago

Phone: (847) 202-9898

Fax: (847) 202-9896

Headquarters - Minnesota

Phone: (952) 882-4090

Fax: (952) 882-4088

Headquarters- Iowa

Phone: (319) 286-9898

Fax: (847) 202-9896

Headquarters - Texas

Phone: (972) 783-1849

Fax: (952) 882-4088

Headquarters - Chicago

Phone: (847) 202-9898

Fax: (847) 202-9896

Headquarters - Indiana

Phone: (260) 436-4466

Fax: (260) 436-8995

Headquarters - Ohio

Phone: (614) 861-9500

Fax: (614) 861-9510

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Data, brochures and full-line catalogs and web-links are available from each of our manufacturers. Same day shipping service is available. E-mail your request or call 847-202-9898.

All our manufacturers have liberal sample policies to support product evaluation and prototype design. E-mail your request or contact your local sales office.

Customer Service

Technical Support

Technical assistance by qualified, degreed Electrical Engineers is available to recommend specific products for your applications. Manufacturers' engineering resources are also available for additional assistance. All manufacturers support semi-custom and custom product development to meet specific application requirements. Please contact your local sales office.


Orders may be placed directly with your dedicated Cain-Forlaw Sales Associate. Please call 847-202-9898 or fax to 847-202-9896. Your dedicated Sales Associate will respond to Requests for Quotations, Accept Purchase Orders, Expedite Deliveries and Process Change Orders.